About Our Church

Leeds Worship Center is an exciting, vibrant, Pentecostal church with programs designed to bless, encourage and minister to everyone. We are a place to come together to worship the Lord, and yet we are more than just a church:

We are a place where you can find rest and comfort.

We are a place where you can experience the love of God.
We are a place where you can receive God's healing.
We are a place where you can learn God's Word and how to apply it to your life.

We are a Place of Hope and a Place to call Home.

We are a church that desires to present Jesus to the world as the answer to every problem, the light in the thickest darkness, the hope when there seems to be none, and the way when there appears to be no way.

It is our prayer that you will consider being our guest and experience LWC for yourself. We think you will be pleased with the friendly atmosphere, the preaching and teaching of God's Word, the uplifting music and the realness of God's presence.

We are interested in people.
We are interested in you.

We hope to see you soon,
Pastor Rickey and Rita Bradford